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All classes are $20

Student discount is 50%

Private lessons are $75/hr.


We always have extra mats you can borrow if you forget yours or dont have one. We also have beginner mats available for purchase.



Gentle yoga classes are a good place to start, but don't be afraid to sign up for any class that fits your schedule


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Signing up for classes online is an option, but not required. Walk-ins are always welcome. 

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Jenny S. 

Ayla is the very reason I love yoga! She puts her heart into class and makes you feel so comfortable no matter what level you are at with your practice. The spirituality she brings to her practice takes the experience to another level.

Paul E. 

Very warn personal instruction and guidance. Great place to learn yoga. Thank you.

karla 2.jpg
Karla M.

Ayla is a wonderful yoga instructor. I feel that each class speaks to me and what I have going on as an individual, no matter how many people are in class. She has a kind spirit. She’s very welcoming. Thank you Ayla!

Ranae F.

Warm and inviting! Beginners don’t feel intimidated. Everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

Carly K.

Ayla does such a great job with her classes! As a beginner to yoga I found her class to be a calming yet challenging. I like how she provided modifications for your level of comfort. It really was just the perfect mental and physical centering activity I needed! If I was still in the area, I would be a regular! I walked away from her classes feeling at peace.

Sarah E. 

I am so grateful to have found Living Yoga QC! Ayla is patient and knowledgeable, the space is clean and welcoming, and the classes are fantastic. I have flirted with yoga off and on for many years looking for the right studio or the right teacher. Ayla manages to have the delicate balance of being both down-to-earth and spiritual so that her classes aren't off-putting in any way. You feel welcomed and capable in her care. She explains poses and physiology and walks you through how to do poses at your own body's pace. Additionally, because she understands her practice she's able to work with students' individual needs and speak to what specific stretches will help with specific issues or injuries (I have a few). The price is great, the parking and location are convenient, and Ayla is an excellent instructor.

Becky B.

Beautiful space and caring teachers.


Honestly one of the best studios I’ve ever been in. There is a spiritual side of this practice that helps calm me down. I’m a very hyper guy and I need that. Ayla Bedford and Davi Michl are Awesome people. The location is perfect for me. I would highly recommend this place.

Alice G.

I am new to yoga. Ayla did a great job instructing and helping me get the most out our time together!

Tracey H.

Peaceful. Thanks for bringing a sense of peace and grounding during your yoga class. It is the perfect place for everyone- for those who have been doing yoga for years or if it’s your first class.

Mike B.

Ayla is phenomenal instructor. I've been doing yoga for 1.5 years and Ayla provides more tailored class with adjustments. I really enjoy her classes and she's greatly helped in growing my practice. Thanks Ayla.

Krystal H.

found a new love! i really love yoga so far and Ayla is amazing! She definitely knows her stuff and makes you feel super comfortable.

Adam R.

It was my first time at yoga for me and it could have not been a better experience!! I was super nervous but from the minute I walked in the door Ayla made me feel right at home :) The vibe in the studio was very comfortable and all of the students welcoming. Ayla was very knowledgeable and came around helping students with their poses. You can tell she has a kind sole. I cant recommend Living Yoga Quad Cities more!!!

Jessie A.

Ayla is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever come across and so grateful I found her and her studio, Living Yoga Quad Cities.
Her ability to connect with her clients along with her energy and presence is contagious and expresses her love for yoga. I Highly recommend!! Living Yoga QC is a Must!!!

Brandi S.

I have been intimidated to try yoga especially in a group of people. Ayla gave me the confidence to try. The atmosphere & class was the perfect reset that my mind & body needed to function with ease in the hectic life I lead.

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